Domu 'E Urxia house of Urxia

Rectangular building, it is situated in the area called Cuccureddí, 978 mt. above the level of the sea, next to St. Victory mountain. It is a prehistoric construction that belongs to the Bronze time, at the end of XIII sec. B.C..

The temple has a legend: long time ago it was the house of a terrible witch called Giorgia, which hid under the ground two big barrels: one contains gold and silver, the other contains "is muscas macceddas", that is killer flies.

Recently, during an archeological study, some small bronze statues have been found. They are in the archaeological museum of Nuoro.

The building is constituted by an entrance hall (south), the main room (center) and a minor room (north). The temple is delimited by an elliptic fencing.

The architecture is atypical: it hasn't the shape of the common Nuragi and its cultural origin is still not known.

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Source: Fernando Pilia - "Esterzili, Un paese e la sua memoria"